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Creating an AWS Read-only User for JASP

One way to allow JASP to scan your AWS environment is for you to provide the credentials (access key and secret) for a read-only user for your environment.

This document provides instructions for creating a read-only user.

Configure JASP access to AWS

First, navigate to the IAM console and login with credentials permitted to create policies and users. Then follow the steps below to create a JASP user:

  1. Navigate to the user management page by selecting Users from the side menu.
  2. Select Add user
  3. Provide a user name (jasp or jasp-worker is suggested, but you may use any name that works best for your organization).
  4. Mark the account for Programmatic access.
  5. Select Next: Permissions
  6. On the set permissions page, select Attach existing policies directly.
  7. Select the following AWS managed polices
    1. ReadOnlyAccess: provides read-only access to all AWS services and resources.
    2. SecurityAudit: provides read-only permissions useful for conducting security audits.
  8. Select Next: Review to continue.
  9. Ensure the user looks similar to the image below: User Create Sample
  10. Select Create User to continue.
  11. Retain the Access key ID and Secret access key from the final add user page. These will be needed to setup your environment in JASP.

Configure AWS environment in JASP

  1. Login to JASP
  2. Select your AWS environment (or create a new one).
  3. Select Configure env access
  4. Under “Option 1”, enter the access key and secret retained earlier. (Do not fill in anything for the Role ARN under “Option 2”.)
  5. Click Submit to save the credentials.