Reduce security risks while moving fast in the cloud.

Affordable and Remediation Focused.

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Focus on Fixing

Ever used a security tool and find so many security issues that you don't know where to start? JASP feature "The One Thing" guides you in fixing the current, most important security issue you should fix now. Every time you login to JASP "The One Thing" will tell you what to do next. It's that easy.

Constantly Updating

JASP is always evolving to find the latest issues. For our subscribers, all security checks will always be included as they are added. We don't believe in holding back security checks based on subscription levels. We want all of our clients to have the best security we can provide.

Enable Security with DevOps

Get immediate and ongoing feedback as your cloud environments change. Our tool automatically scans your cloud environments and reveals potential security issues that need further review or remediation. If you're at the partner level, our security experts will partner with you and your team to improve your security posture by remediating your security issues for you.

Security Issues we often find.

Quickly Determine...

  • S3

    Buckets exposed?

  • IAM

    Users provisioned?

  • EC2

    Are your network ports exposed?

  • VPC

    Network access controls exposed?

  • ELB

    Adequate logging?

  • CloudTrail

    Using best practices for logging across services?

Technical Security

We have a clear mission to help developers with their security challenges. Partner with us to improve your security posture!