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JASP GA and Product Site Announcement

Announcing JASP

Today we are thrilled to announce public general availability of our JASP tool. We developed JASP after conducting numerous Amazon AWS security assessments and recognizing a general broad need for better security automation tooling. Our core leadership team, including Matt Konda and Aaron Bedra, have been building security tools for decades and JASP leverages all this experience to make a better simpler tool.

What is JASP

JASP is an API first security automation platform that allows us to build workers to analyze different things. We have an AWS worker that is robust. We have prototypes of workers that do code analysis and Azure analysis. We want the worker framework to be extensible. We want the API to be accessible and easy for security engineers to use. Then of course, we also want to provide a great interface to make using the tool easy.


The core tool is currently focused on AWS security checks. It can analyze things like:

  • S3 Buckets
  • Encryption
  • Auditing
  • Network Ports Open

We are continuing to develop checks to include better remediations and to analyze additional AWS services.

We are aiming to provide solid prioritization and an interface that makes it easy to focus on the most important things to fix.

Service Tiers

We wanted to keep a free tier to make the basic technology accessible to developers in general. Then we wanted to extend that based on value added features such as automatic scheduling and notification.

At the partner tier, we will engage with your DevOps team and help to monitor and fix the issues we find. This has obvious value and we already have customers adopting this tier.

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